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Syd Energi, Esbjerg 2

Syd Energi’s New Headquarters


A lighthouse – the first industrial construction in denmark in passive house standard that produce more energy than it consumes. 

The new domicile is beautifully located as neighbour of ”The Light Hill” and is visibly placed in the transition between city and countryside. 

The place is a wonderful home for the management and employees of a successful and innovative company that focus on empathy, responsibility, vigour, sincerity and community. 

The new domicile of Syd Energi is a lighthouse in low energy buildings, and is an innovative and serious collaborator in the development of the field of energy in both the region and in Denmark. 

The new domicile signals openness and is forthcoming with a powerful and positive identity, where development, knowledge sharing, competency development and community, are keywords for the disposition of a beautiful new domicile for Syd Energi.  

  1. Builder:
    Syd Energi
  2. Collaborators:
    Hoffmann A/S
  3. Address:
    Kjersing Ringvej, 6700 Esbjerg, Denmark
  4. Cost:
    210 mio.
  5. Area:
    13.500 m2
  6. Year:
  7. Award:
    First prize in competition
Syd Energi, Esbjerg 2
Syd Energi, Esbjerg 1
Syd Energi, Esbjerg 3
Syd Energi, Esbjerg 4
Syd Energi, Esbjerg 5
Syd Energi, Esbjerg 6
Syd Energi, Esbjerg 7
Syd Energi, Esbjerg 8

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