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Marselisborg Gymnasium, Aarhus


Located in the beautiful Marselisborg district, within the center of Aarhus city, is Marselisborg High School, one of Denmark’s most renowned schools, rich in tradition and history – often featured in books and movies. Today, Marselisborg High School is very popular among the students within the city of Aarhus. With this first prize winning new addition, designed by GPP Architects, the school will continue to meet the high demands of modern and visionary high school education requirements.

The new addition consists of a new classroom wing, a new two story high canteen and a multi-use sports center. The new structure creates a comb-like structure – where the beautiful surroundings are highly visible from the inside. The new backbone of the school is an indoor street that runs through the entire school. It starts at the north end of the new classroom wing, running through the new canteen, the existing building and ending up on a large tribune connecting the school to the new sports facilities in the south.

The beating heart of the “new” school is the two story high canteen. It will be the natural meeting point and an icon for the new Marselisborg High School – inviting, transparent and full of activity. At the entry-level, the canteen has three levels connected by ramps. On the first floor a bridge connects the classroom wing to the existing school. A large staircase – fit for hanging out, connects the canteen’s ground floor with the first floor of the classroom wing and the bridge.

The sports facilities to the south are partly underground to fit the scale of the surrounding villas. The sports facilities are connected to the rest of the school with a transparent structure. This connecting structure houses a café and a tribune from where you can watch sports, do your homework or just hang out.

The materials of the new structures are correspondent to the existing school – yellow brick, white concrete and glass. The project was awarded 1st prize in part, because it respects and harmonizes with the beautiful existing school and surroundings, while at the same time the “new” Marselisborg High School signals a modern and open school.

  1. Builder:
    Marselisborg Gymnasium, Aarhus
  2. Collaborators:
    Rambøll A/S, Hoffmann A/S, Landskabsarkitekterne Boldt & Henningsen ApS
  3. Address:
    Birketinget 9, 8000 Aarhus C
  4. Cost:
    45 mio.
  5. Area:
    4.900 m2
  6. Year:
  7. Award:
    1. price
  8. Benefits:
    Architectural Advisory

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